Meet the Maker


Hello and thanks for visiting! Welcome to Dorene’s jewelry shop, Hadar & Adara.

Dorene got her start in jewelry in 2005 after attending a jewelry camp in the mystical desert of Zzyzx, CA. The Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx is a place you can go to play with gemstones and fine metals, learn stone carving, copper enameling, beading, and precious metal clay. Dorene couldn’t get enough! She returns with her family every year to the desert to build her skills and draw inspiration for her craft.

After a long career working in a medical office, Dorene is basking in the glow of alpine retirement in the cute red cabin she built with her sweet husband, Tony. She creates each piece in the company of her pups, Ollie and Bella- either inside by the crackling fire, or out on the deck overlooking the pines. 

Dorene’s passion is for creating beautiful pieces, but more so her passion is for the people wearing them. Her intent is to infuse beauty and joy into every piece, so it brightens your soul, not just your outfit. Dorene is thrilled to use the gifts that have been given to her to love people in such a tangible way. When you receive a piece from Hadar and Adara, it’s really coming to you with love, from a little red cabin in the woods.